My name is Emma Tomboulian.

I am a 3rd generation pastry chef. My grandfather started a patisserie in Beirut, Lebanon. My father started working in the family shop early on and eventually became a pastry chef and entrepreneur in his own right. I grew up watching him make French pastries and baklava. With a Greek Armenian Mother and Lebanese Armenian Father, we had no shortage of baklava in the house. Ever.

Like my Father, I grew up working in the family business and learned the value of working hard, taking pride in my work and never compromising quality. I also discovered the gift of making people happy through food.

Between formal training in pastry school and my Father’s personal tutoring, I became a chef who is fearless and creative. I used these skills as a personal chef and in my own café.

I started making classic baklava for the café, and the customers loved it. However, I found myself bored with the process. So, I decided to play with ingredients that I loved and preferred.

I started changing the flavors, trying different nut varieties. The more I played, the more I got inspired. I realized I was creating something that had never been done before in baklava history. After my creations were selling out at the café, my friends and family started placing orders. And that is how Baklavalicious was born.

I am very happy with the joy that my creations have brought thus far. I take much pride in my product and its originality and have committed myself to providing my customers with a unique experience with every bite of my baklava.

Each piece is individually handcrafted with its own unique layers of flavor using ingredients are top quality from Belgium Chocolate to Madagascar vanilla bean.

My goal is to create a product that not only looks amazing but tastes divine! I am looking forward to decorating your tables with my edible art, and tantalizing your taste buds with my flavors.