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Faye’s Fork stopped by our bakery to pick up a selection of baklava. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“The baklavas here at Baklavalicious are a work of art and a definite treat … I definitely recommend Baklavalicious if you want to experience gourmet baklava.

It’s so hard not to visually smile when you see the baklavas here at Baklavalicious. They each have a certain characteristic that defines them from their counterparts (or siblings as my grandmother said when we compared one baklava to another)…. We enjoyed the baklavas and had a fun time determining which one was our personal favorite. They are a splurge at $3/piece. But even my frugal grandmother said each one was worth the $3 price tag as you can taste AND see the effort it takes to craft their baklavas.

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