the ultimate baklava experience

Innovating the baklava industry and breaking all the rules of traditional baklava. We love creating unexpected and delicious flavors using only the finest ingredients. We make our gourmet baklava in small batches, each one is individually hand crafted with its own unique flavor. We want each bite to be perfect and know you will love our Baklava as much as we do.

latest news

Big Announcement

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership for Baklavalicious – One which will bring us back to the market in just a few short months. We have partnered with the leading manufacturer of baklava in the country, Rain Creek Baking Co. / Sinbad. This winter...

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We’re Moving

The response to Baklavalicious this past year has been so overwhelmingly positive that we are ready for the next phase in growing our artistic baklava brand. We’ve outgrown the facility in San Diego, and while we’re sad to leave the city where our company...

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